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DAV NORDIC provides Naturawall Noise Screen for Aalborg

DAV NORDIC delivers Naturawall Noise Screen for the first time in Denmark. The screen will be erected on the new bypass south of Aalborg.

The stretch is approx. 1 km and Naturawall Noise Screen must control noise in relation to the adjacent residential area.

Naturawall Noise Screen is unique because it is covered in greenery - in this case with ivy. This gives it a natural, green expression that can remotely resemble a hedge. It provides a smooth transition from road to residential area and at the same time maximizes noise reduction.

Naturawall gives a natural look

​Naturawall is chosen by M. J. Eriksson A/S, who is the main contractor on the project and Aalborg Municipality jointly. The delivery is divided into two stages and the first part is due to be completed in week 47. Jonas Press Nielsen, Construction Manager at M. J. Eriksson explains about the delivery: “We have worked closely with DAV NORDIC on the delivery and have optimised the process continuously. It worked fine. ”

Facts about Naturawall Noise Screen

​Naturawall consists of hot-dip galvanised steel panels constructed as a screen. The screen is filled with topsoil, which makes up 98.5% of the total volume.

The topsoil is typically excess soil, which in this way, is being used. This gives Naturawall a considerable sound attenuation of up to 67 dB. The screen is planted in the various shelves with hedge, evergreen, flowers or the like, which quickly turns green/blossoming. The individual structure of the wall gives the desired expression and the construction is easy and quick to erect.