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Lattice poles - a traditional pole with an industrial look

​An extra tall pole that is both functional and has a recognizable and historic appearance

DAV NORDIC lattice poles are the perfect solution for locations that require extra light without the pole dominating the image. Our lattice poles are especially used in sports arenas and industrial areas. Lattice poles are always a special order and will therefore always be produced on demand. 

Lattice poles have the advantage of being produced in three sections, which allows them to be taller than many other types of poles. The three parts are assembled on site by bolting them together. Lattice pole are available in heights between 4 and 30 meters as standard, but it is possible to have them produced higher on demand. 

All our lattice poles are hot-dip galvanized according to EN ISO 1461, making them resistant to corrosion. All lattice poles are calculated, manufactured and CE-marked according to EN 1090 and are produced in S355 class round tubes. All this ensures a long lifespan.

Many options for different expressions and functions

It is possible to have the lattice poles painted in a RAL color of your choice. You can have the entire pole or just the root painted. In addition, there are various options for crossbars for mounting luminaires, such as ring crossbars or arms. 

The lattice poles come with foot flanges for mounting on cast concrete foundations, but it is also possible to purchase additional foundations in the form of an anchor bolt set. For easier maintenance and safety, it is also possible to install steps that are either fixed or removable. The steps come with a built-in safety line to make it easier to get up and install or inspect the luminaires at the top. 

If you'd like to hear more about how a lattice poles can solve your problems, please contact us. We are always ready to help. Whether it's advice, inquiries or to get a non-binding offer.​