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Crash barriers for the whole world

The founder of DAV NORDIC, Master Builder, Svend Aage Rasmussen invented the crash barrier in the early 30s. The idea for the invention came a day when Svend Aage Rasmussen was at the construction site and a truck was about to crash. He could not shout for the driver’s attention and instinctively kicked the front wheel of the truck. To his great surprise, the wheel turned in the desired direction and it became the start of the development of the crash barrier.

The invention has gained tremendous importance for road safety on the roads throughout the world.

The establishment of DAV NORDIC

In the mid-30s, the first crash barriers were established in various locations in Denmark, and the foundation stone for DAV NORDIC was laid. The war put a temporary halt to the development, but after 1945 Svend Aage Rasmussen resumed production and experiments with various crash barriers.

The international breakthrough came in 1951 when 18 countries were shown crash barriers in Denmark. A movie from the day was made with Gunnar Nu Hansen as the speaker. Watch the film here: http://filmcentralen.dk/museum/danmark-paa-film/klip/realistisk-demonstration-of-dansk-autovaern.

Within a few years, crash barriers were sold in more than 30 countries around the world. It went on licensing agreements and gave Dansk Auto-Værn explosive growth.

Denmark was on the world map in road safety.

Road safety

The development in road safety significantly expanded the DAV NORDIC product range and now included both crash barriers, bridge parapets, noise barriers, traffic guards, traffic modules, crash cushions, absorbent terminals, building parapets and gantries. The company now provided a complete range of road safety products and solutions.

Close cooperation with The Road Authorityes

Over the years, the requirements and, not least, the needs of The Road Authorityes have changed in line with the intensity of traffic. The development has led to radical changes in material choice and choice of solution.

The changed requirements are best reflected in the extensive product range available to DAV NORDIC today. Many of the products have been launched on the Danish market in close cooperation with The Road Authorityes.

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On December 1st, 2016, DAV NORDIC A/B was established in Sweden as a subsidiary of DAV NORDIC. Since then, as a sister company, MILEWIDE A/S became more closely associated with DAV NORDIC. The three companies now had joint management.

In 2018, DAV NORDIC expanded its product range to include not only products and solutions for development projects but also for construction projects. The company now offers steel structures including balconies, stairs, railings, solar shading, etc. for construction.

Due to the comprehensive range of products in addition to crash barriers, the merger of our sister company Milewide and the acquisition of Priess A/S pole division, the wish for a mutual name for the Danish and the Swedish department raised, hereafter the Danish company name was changed to DAV NORDIC on April 1st, 2019.

Advertisement in journal from 1939