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Bridge guard - optimal bridge protection

Bridge guards are established on bridges to ensure that vehicles in the event of a collision are either intercepted and continued along the railing or thrown back at such a small angle that there is no risk of crashing. At the same time, it is important that people in the vehicle are exposed to as little impact as possible. Bridge guards must be tested and certified prior to installation in accordance with EN 1317-1, EN 1317-2 and EN-1317-5. 

​Bridge guards have the following advantages:

  • ​Securing the traffic carried out against the fallout of guard parts
  • Securing bridge construction on impact
  • Damage to vehicles is minimised
  • Damage to passengers is minimised
  • ​Bridge guards protection is restored quickly after collision
  • ​Limited maintenance costs

Choice of strength class for bridge guard

The bridge guard's strength class is calculated in relation to speed, size of vehicles, risk zones and how much traffic is expected to be conducted on-site. As an example, a high strength class will be used across the railways, as there must under no circumstances be vehicles capable of passing through the installed bridge guard. 

​​See product sheet on our new CE marked bridge guards here

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