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DAV NORDIC reduces noise on the Hillerød highway

DAV NORDIC A/S has supplied a 524 m noise barrier with wooden slats to the Hillerød highway at Bregnerød. The noise barrier lowers the noise from the highway considerably and the residents are happy.

Residents at Hillerød highway have been plagued by noise for a long time and the increased traffic on the highway is a growing problem. Therefore, they are pleased with the lowered noise level with the new noise screen.

Quick assembly

As a market leader in noise barriers, DAV NORDIC has extensive experience in assembling noise screens. The installation period was only two months, and a new guardrail was installed at the same time. The noise screen was ready on March 1st and was thus installed during the winter months, where a maximum of 180 m of traffic guard must be provided for the protection of the highway. This meant that DAV NORDIC's assembly team had to move the shielding continuously. However, it did not delay the project, which was handed in on time.

DAV NORDIC - The former Dansk Autoværn

On April 1st Dansk Autoværn changed its name and became DAV NORDIC A/S.

On May 1st, 2019, the company acquired the light poles division of Priess A/S and merged with its sister company MILEWIDE A/S. This has brought DAV NORDIC a large light pole section and an even larger pallet of products. DAV NORDIC now has four business areas - road safety, noise reduction solutions, steel for construction and light poles. In addition, the company has a large assembly department, which handles the maintenance of 80% of the Danish roads.