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Steel cladding

If you need a unique and maintenance-free cladding for your infrastructure project or for a spectacular construction project, Finemal cladding is a good choice.

The boards are made of enamelled steel, and their unique properties make them particularly attractive as exterior cladding for everything from balcony guards and parapets to walls or facades.​

“With the launch of our unique facade product in the highest quality, we offer not only unprecedented technical properties but also panels with concealed assembly. It creates a homogeneous and elegant expression. We know that architects and craftsmen, in particular, have demanded it”.

Ulrik Toft Marcussen CEO of DAV NORDIC.

Sustainable and manufactured in the North

DAV NORDIC is the sole distributor of the enamel plates from the Nordic manufacturer, Finemal. The plates are produced in Finland with a focus on high quality. You can be sure that the product is made to last a lifetime (+50 years). If your choice falls on an enamelled steel cladding, you have made both a sustainable and economical choice.

Enamel is glazed steel

The Vitreous Enamel plates combine the strength of steel with the chemical durability of glass.

Enamel is a chemical coating that is sprayed on the steel plates, after which they are baked at a temperature of over 800Cº. This burns the enamel on to the steel.

Mohs hardness scale (to the right) is used to identify the material’s relative hardness, where one indicates the lowest hardness and ten the maximum hardness.

The enamel surface is, measured on the Mohs hardness scale, the level just before the gemstone and has a far more resistant surface than both aluminium and steel with e.g. a lacquered surface.

The technical properties of the enamel

The technical properties of the enamel results in a material that does not rust and is resistant to chemical attack, wear and fire.

The cladding is distinguished by being far more durable than other architectural cladding materials:

  • Anti-graffiti
    The non-porous surface is resistant to solvents, so should graffiti painters paint on the surface, it can be easily cleaned
  • Building material fire classified in class A1
    The plates cannot ignite and have been tested in accordance with DIN 4102
  • UV-resistant
    The plates never fade despite exposure to harmful UV rays, pouring rain or wind
  • Hygienic
    The surface is anti-bacterial and chemically resistant
  • Durable and shockproof
    The plates resist damage caused by vandalism
  • Can be adapted to most setup systems
    It ensures you an easy and flexible assembly without the use of special tools
  • Concealed mounting
    Creates a harmonious expression

Are you still not convinced of the high quality and unique properties of the enamel? See the material compared to, among other things, a traditional steel cladding with powder coating and an aluminium cladding here.

Size and design options

We supply the plates in the standard size 600x1200 mm. Adaptation, as well as corner plates, are made for the specific project.

The small format gives the plates a light weight and makes handling easier, both during logistics and assembly.

Customised design

Give your creativity free rein, either by using the small rectangular elements as part of the expression or by playing with a total of 50 standard colours in which the VE plates are delivered.

​Download colour chart here

Create your own image or design. In this case, the rusty look gives character.

If you want to create an extra dimension, the plates can be perforated during the manufacturing process. With holes and lights, the expression changes drastically. If this is not enough for you, we can use advanced printing technology to create illustrations and images on the plates. The plates retain the unique properties of the enamel surface, but you get the opportunity to play with the design.

We dare say, that it gives you endless design possibilities.

Click to enlarge the images

Click to enlarge the images

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