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Balcony types

​Type 1​

Steel railing with steel handrail

​Type 2​

Dark painted railing with wooden handrail

​Type 3​

Steel balcony with glass inserts and wooden handrail

​Type 4​

Dark painted steel balcony with glass inserts and wooden handrail

Type 5​

Round steel railing with steel handrail

Type 6

Dark painted round steel railing with wooden handrail

​​Facade balconies

The facade balconies are made of galvanised steel. This makes the balconies durable and resistant to the Danish weather. This ensures an incredibly long service life and is more or less maintenance-free. The balconies can also be painted in standard RAL colours as desired. If you have a wish for a balcony with e.g. flower boxes as part of the protection, we also offer this. In addition to our above standard balcony types, we also offer balconies according to individual wishes and project-based solutions.

French balconies

We supply French balconies in hot-dip galvanised steel. We tailor and adapt the individual balconies to customer wishes regarding size, functionality and appearance. French balconies are a smart solution if you want the feeling of outdoor life, light and air, but do not have the opportunity to have a traditional balcony installed.

Roof balconies

In addition to French balconies, we also offer roof balconies of steel or glass. Roof balconies have the advantage of using unused areas while adding a new architectural look to the building.

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Want to know more?

Get a quote on a new balcony or a non-binding conversation with one of our competent project managers. You are welcome to contact us on +45 86 82 29 00 or write to us at info@davnordic.dk.