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System Spengler - Type 115

Spengler type 115 concrete crash barrier has a high level of safety. The safety class is H1 and the working width from W2 according to EN 1317-2.

The barrier is L 350 x W 68 x H 115 cm​



Spengler type 115 is used for:

  • ​To separate and secure the oncoming traffic
  • ​Optimal protection of work areas on busy roads
  • ​To protect road users against a collision with fixed objects located close to the roadway
  • ​Traffic protection on dangerous routes

Flexible solution

  • In planning and designing traffic protection systems

  • By delivery and installation

  • When combined with other types of safety guard

  • In level differences between lanes

  • When passing other road engineering installations

  • For repairs and replacements.


  • High shock level

  • Reduced damage on collisions

  • Protection of other road engineering installations for road users.


  • Flexible and removable elements in reinforced concrete

  • Low element height with robust surface and long lifespan

  • Repair friendly and easy to maintain

  • High supplier service

  • Financial through procurement and repairs