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Traffic guard - Mini-Guard®

Traffic guard type Mini-Guard® is a mobile construction consisting of hot-dip galvanised single parts.

The Standard Element has a length of 1.500 mm, a width of 500 mm and a height of 420 mm. As a locking connection, a 1.500 mm long connecting tube is inserted on top of the Mini-Guard® Standard Element, bringing the total system to a height of 505 mm.

The standard element (1.500 mm) weighs 60 kg, and has a built-in drainage recess of 70x70 mm. The special design of the Mini-Guard® Standard Element makes the computational cross-section of the working width (W) only 200 mm.


The Mini-Guard® Standard Elements have a strong male/female part connection system and:

  • On top of the horizontal pipes of the Standard Elements is placed a connecting pipe with vertical locking pins which is fixed in the Standard Elements' male/female connection system
  • The system is generally mounted without anchoring - however, the start/end elements must be anchored

  • ​This anchoring is achieved by mounting a pipe/ground spike in the foundation through the pre-drilled hole in the start/end element

  • ​The Mini-Guard® can be easily and securely joined together with other guard systems such as steel guards, Vario-Guard® or Concrete Barriers through custom made transition pieces

  • ​There are various special items available, e.g. opening elements/repair elements


The Mini-Guard® has a light weight and a propitious shape, which makes storage, transport and handling very easy. There can be up to 324 meters on a truck.​


The maximum safety is achieved by a minimum of special obstacles to the traffic flow during the installation period. What is so special about Mini-Guard® compared to other traffic guards?

  • It is extremely fast and easy to assemble due to the (*plug-in) male/female he part connection system
  • It is easy to handle and transport
  • An assembly team can assemble approximately 2.000 m pr. day
  • When moving over a wider distance, it is possible to move the traffic guard in joined lengths of 13.5 meters


Normal accidents - in the case of a typical collision - only damage the system to a minor extent and require a minimum repair time including technical equipment. Usually, only a slight adjustment of the impacted elements is required. Damaged reflectors can easily be replaced.

Replacement of Mini-Guard®

When carrying out large projects, Mini-Guard® often needs to be moved. We offer a flexible and well-trained team to handle this, and we can move up to 2.000 meters per day and side move 5.000 meters.​


Dismantling requires very little time thanks to (plug-in) male/female part connection system. There are no bolts to remove and the traffic guard can be removed and driven away in lengths up to 13.5 meters. Our experienced and well-qualified staff prepare a specific solution - based on your individual project - and in accordance with EN 1317-1 and 2.