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DAV H4b/W2

Bridge guard​

DAV H4b/W2​

The bridge guard is based on the principles of the well-known S100 guard. DAV H4b/W2 is crash tested to European standards and meets the requirements of EN 1317-2 and EN 1317-5.

The guard is mounted with a sceptre distance of 1.5 meters and with B-profiles, as well as with or without fill bars, based on the wishes of the customer. All deflection beams are horizontal and with built-in deformation brackets, which ensure an ASI value B. A newly developed "A-bracket" ensures good power transmission and helps ensure a fantastic run after a collision, where the risk of injury on other road users is minimised. All bolt assemblies are placed in vertical surfaces, just as horizontal "closed" surfaces do not exist so that the risk of "water pockets" is minimised for longer life span. Bolts are supplied with rounded heads to avoid protruding edges.

DAV H4b/W2 is primarily used on bridge structures where underlying areas require security for extra protection e.g. by rail transfers.​


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