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Energy-absorbing end terminal bollards

Euro-ET™ energy-absorbing end terminal bollards from Trinity Industries in the United States are installed on highways around the world, and Euro-ET™ is the latest version of the world's most advanced end terminal and specially designed for European highways.

The principle

The Euro-ET™ function is based on the conversion of kinetic energy so that a "soft" deceleration is achieved over a longer stretch of the collided vehicle.

Upon direct collision, the extruder terminal will be guided along the guardrail plates and control the leveling and deflection of the plates.

During the course of the collision, the affected pillars will crack controllably and together with the extrusion absorb enough kinetic energy to achieve a "soft" slowdown of the vehicle.


  • Quick assembly
  • No use of special tools
  • ​Can be mounted against a standard crash barrier
  • ​No maintenance
  • ​Easier assembly compared to other similar systems
  • Quick replacement at repair
  • Low repair costs