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Noise-absorbing crash barrier

There is an increasing focus on noise and public health in Denmark. In October last year, the WHO issued new guidelines for noise, pointing to a number of serious consequences of noise pollution.

One of DAV NORDIC's noise reduction solutions is noise barriers. The noise barrier is a noise-absorbing crash barrier system that consists of a crash barrier and noise reduction in one system. It has the same height as other crash barrier systems, and significantly reduces noise. Of all traffic noise on roads, 80% comes from tire noise. With a short sound source, if the guard is close to the sound source, there is no need for a tall screen to attenuate the noise.

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DAV NORDIC is a dealer of this crash barrier, which in addition to making traffic safer, must also help to reduce the noise from traffic. The crash barrier has the advantage that it is close to the noise source and that it is efficient and inexpensive to install. The advantage of attenuating the noise at the crash barrier is that the closer to the source the noise is blocked, the more effective the noise attenuation is. If the noise screen is set up further away from the roadway, the noise will often go across the screen.

As the crash barrier is perforated, the noise will pass through the crash barrier and be absorbed by the noise wall behind instead of being reflected. The system has been crash-tested in accordance with current EU standard EN 1317 and is suitable for solutions in many municipalities, where the noise barrier can often be placed close to the noise source.

We are happy to provide technical advice in connection with our noise barrier and are available for a chat. Of course, we are also happy to make a non-binding offer on a specific case. Call us on +45 86 82 29 00 or write to us at info@davnordic.dk.