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Naturawall - nature screen against traffic noise

Naturawall is a specially developed noise screen, which can be used in residential areas. It naturally falls into the area, provides a high level of sound attenuation and is a plus for the environment.

Naturawall consists of hot-dip galvanised steel panels constructed as a screen. The screen is filled with mould, which makes up 98.5% of the total volume. This gives Naturawall a considerable sound attenuation of up to 67 dB.

The screen is planted in the various steps/shelves with hedge, evergreen, flowers or similar and it quickly makes it become green/blossoming. The individual structure of the wall gives the desired expression and the construction is easy and quick to erect.

With the hot-dip galvanising, the steel structure is resistant to the Danish weather and therefore has a long service life. At later decomposition/removal everything can be recycled.

The steep angle of influence of the system means that the Naturawall screen is more efficient than the embankments commonly used. At the same time, a space-saving of approx. 80%. This allows Naturawall to be used where space is limited.

Naturawall is available in two variants - Naturawall Standard and Naturawall Compact.

Naturawall Standard

Naturawall Standard provides high sound attenuation compared to e.g. a 50 cm concrete wall, and the attractive expression and the quick installation are some of the benefits Naturawall provides. It can be built in sizes up to 4.50 meters in height and at this height, it has only a width of 1.66 meters.

The very varied requirements call for flexible solutions in terms of sound insulation, wall height, width, height differences, radii, and colours.

Naturawall Standard offers a myriad of combination options.​

Naturawall Compact

Naturawall Compact is like the Naturawall Standard but in a narrower version. It is only available in heights up to 2.1 m and widths up to 0.90 m and is especially suitable for residential buildings where it can be used, for example, it can be used for shielding from playgrounds and such.

Technical data

Soundproofing group








Compact Absorber


Naturawall noise screen can be made in the standard heights/widths below.

Special sizes can be made on demand.

Naturawall Standard:

Height: 1.50 / 1,75 / 2,00 / 2,25 / 2,50 m

2,75 / 3,00 / 3,25 / 3,50 / 3,75 m

4,00 / 4,25 / 4,50 m
Width: 0,92 / 0,98 / 1,03 / 1,08 / 1,13 m

1,19 / 1,29 / 1,35 / 1,41 / 1,47 m

1,53 / 1,57 / 1,66 m

Naturawall Compact:

Height: 1.20 / 1.50 / 1.80 / 2.10m

Width: 0.71 / 0.77 / 0.83 / 0.90m


Naturawall noise screen adds more m² to the area for planting, and thus more m² where insects, small birds, amphibians and many other animals can live. In addition to the sound absorption, it offers many benefits - e.g. consumption of air pollution and fine dust.

Naturawall has developed a special weed cloth that can be mounted before planting. It is also possible to lay out tiles to minimise soil surface maintenance until planting becomes dense.​


Corners can be made in all angles with special designs and end sections with different looks/functions.

For better sound insulation, different absorption solutions can be applied.

The steel panels can be painted in all standard RAL colours.

A "base moulding" can be mounted where the screen stands up to the fortified area, so it is possible to sweep clean all the way to the screen.

Radicals (Jeg mener det er en forkert oversættelse; Radius = radii eller radius) in a horizontal level above 70 m can be made without changes in the materials. At smaller radii, fitting elements can be performed.​