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Noise screen dampens noise from the road

Traffic noise is the main source of the noise load we have in Denmark.

Around every third residence is burdened by noise above the threshold. Noise limit values ​​are laid down for new buildings and for new roads built by existing residents. In the case of existing housing and existing roads, on the other hand, there are no provisions, and this is where most of the noise-burdened residents are found.

A noise screen reduces the noise load

Noise screens along roads can dampen the prevalence of road noise and thus reduce noise load. A noise screen provides the greatest effect when set up on main roads, which pass through a relatively densely built residential area. Most people here benefit from the noise reduction.

A noise screen requires space between road and buildings and is used primarily on so-called frontless roads. This is roads where there are no side roads or other direct access to residential areas.​

Effective attenuation of traffic noise with noise screens

A noise screen is effective for attenuating noise based on two basic physical parameters:

  • ​Acoustic insulation
  • ​Sound absorption coefficient

Sound attenuation is created by using a material that prevents the sound from spreading (acoustic shadow). This is achieved by the fact that the surface of the noise shield has special properties and by designing the noise shield to absorb the sound as best as possible.

Noise screen solutions for all purposes

DAV NORDIC supplies and assembles noise-cancelling solutions from the leading manufacturers around the world.


The range also includes two "green" models of noise screens, including Naturawall. Naturawall consists of hot-dip galvanised steel panels, which are filled with mould. The mould makes up 98.5% of the total volume and is planted with hedge, evergreen or other greenery. This gives Naturawall a considerable sound attenuation of up to 67 dB.

The second green noise screen is the Green Wall. Green Wall is a natural noise screen planted with climbing planting and divided into individually customisable cassettes. The screen is very competitively priced.

It is rare to find two projects where the requirements for the design, properties, and size are the same. DAV NORDIC's wide product range ensures that all wishes and requirements for noise screen solutions can be honoured. This applies to roads, industry, airports, and railways.

Contact us for advice

Contact DAV NORDIC A/S for advice on noise screen solutions by phone on +45 8682 2900 or by e-mail at info@davnordic.dk.

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