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DAV NORDIC delivers bicycle parking to Gartnerbyen in Odense

The old GASA site in Odense will be transformed towards 2025 into a completely new district - Gartnerbyen. For the district, DAV NORDIC's new steel department has delivered 736 pieces of bicycle parking.

When the new district is completed in 2025, Gartnerbyen will cover 130.000 m2 and have approx. 1.600 homes in various types and sizes. The district is for young people, families with children, seniors and businesses and in addition to housing will contain a shopping square, health centre, office building and possibly a hotel.​

H. Skjøde Knudsen collaborates with DAV NORDIC

As a turnkey contractor for the first 340 homes, H. Skjøde Knudsen Ltd has chosen to collaborate with DAV NORDIC Ltd on bicycle parking. Per Henriksen, who is the project manager at H. Skjøde Knudsen, says: “We chose to collaborate with DAV NORDIC because they offer special solutions. This means that we can have an influence on the specific solution and in this case on the bicycle parking and the roofs and that was what we wanted. In addition, we wanted a solution that is consistent in the buildings and creates a whole.

The collaboration has worked fine and smoothly. We are very satisfied.”

Steel delivery from DAV NORDIC

For five construction sites in Gartnerbyen, DAV NORDIC has delivered and installed a total of 70 meters of bicycle roofs distributed over different lengths. In order to be able to optimise the ground area, 564 pieces of double-storey parking spaces have been installed both in the bicycle roofs and in the open air so that the bikes can stand in two levels. In addition to the double-storey parking spaces, 172 pieces of single parking spaces have been delivered and installed.

Behind the master plan for Gartnerbyen is Gartnerbyen P/C, which since 2016 has worked to develop and transform the old GASA site into Odense's new district, which with green breathing spaces, sustainable housing and quality construction creates new opportunities in Odense. So far, approx. 20% of all housing has been built and the project will be completed in 2025.​