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DAV NORDIC delivers new type of bridge guard for Crown Princess Mary's bridge

DAV NORDIC Ltd delivers and installs 2.8 km of DAV H2, W1 bridge guard for Crown Princess Mary's bridge. The bridge opens on the 28th of September and is part of a total of 9.5 km of a new 4-lane highway, which will be built as part of the "New inlet connection at Frederikssund."​

The bridge is an elevated bridge and will be made to relieve the heavily trafficked Crown Prince Frederik's bridge, which connects Frederikssund with Hornsherred. Crown Prince Frederik's bridge is a 151 m bascule bridge, which was inaugurated in 1935.

Custommade bridge guard

DAV NORDIC got the contract for the bridge guard very late, and therefore all sail was set to lift the task. A very large part of the bridge guard is specifically produced, and the new reinforced type DAV H2, W1 bridge guard has been chosen for the entire bridge. This is the first time that DAV NORDIC delivers and assembles the new bridge guard type, which with its reinforced properties has a very low deflection.

Crown Princess Mary's bridge

Crown Princess Mary's bridge has a construction price of approx. DKK 2 billion, and the Danish state pays approx. DKK 650 million. The consortium RBAI, which consists of 3 companies from Italy, Spain and Belgium, respectively, is the general contractor for the contract, and the section will be Denmark's first user-paid highway. It will cost approx. DKK 14 for passenger cars, and approx. DKK 41 for trucks to use it. The bridge is built on an inlet bottom, which is soft, and which is why the load-bearing soil layer for the bridge's foundations is 60 m deep.

Name change and merger

DAV NORDIC Ltd was previously called Dansk Autoværn but changed its name on the 1st of April 2019. On the 1st of May 2019, DAV NORDIC acquired the pole department from Priess Ltd and merged with the sister company MILEWIDE Ltd. It provided DAV NORDIC with a large pole department and an even larger palette of products, which now make up 4 business areas - traffic safety, noise reduction, light poles and steel structures.