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Long durability

The flanged poles are hot-dip galvanised according to DS/ISO 1461 for a long shelf life. You can also choose to have the light pole painted after the hot-dip galvanisation.

Mounting of light poles

We can supply cylindrical light poles in 2 ways:

  • Prepared for burial on site

  • With a base flange for mounting on the concrete foundation

​Wind impact

All flanged light poles from DAV NORDIC A/S are intended for Terrain. II, base average wind speed 24m/sec.


We manufacture the light poles in accordance with DS/EN 40-3-3 and DS/EN 1993-1-1 steel construction, construction class 1. This means that the safety against the flow is greater than 1.5.

The deflection of the light pole at maximum load is not more than 3% of the height of the light pole.


Product sheet flange steel

Product sheet cylindrical steel




Installation Instructions

​Contact us by phone +45 86 82 29 00 or by e-mail master@davnordic.dk for further information on our bead- and cylindrical steel.